Stimulate beard growth

Stimulate beard growth

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With puberty, males face various physiological changes and among them is the appearance of the beard. If you have been through puberty for quite a while and are not satisfied with the growth of your beard, there is something you can do to improve it!

Let's see immediately howstimulate beard growthwith natural remedies or any ad hoc products. In the article entitled "I don't grow a beard "we have seen what thecausesof thelack of beardor uneven growth of the beard on the face. We explained to you that beard growth is strongly influenced by hormonal factors, first of all testosterone.

If your beard is not growing as it should, is absent in some places or growth is poor, you may want to consult a dermatologist. By consulting a specialist you will be able to understand how to stimulate beard growth according to your personal needs. Here we will see general advice, universally useful.

How to stimulate beard growth

The beard is a symbol ofmasculinity… How to make a beard grow faster? By taking care of the skin of the face, hydrating and respecting the physiological needs of your body. Let's see what are the "physiological needs" that can have a strong impact on the beard.

Sleep well and live with little stress

Sleep is precious. Sleeping 8 hours a night helps keep hormonal factors in balance. A relaxed lifestyle, a constant sleep-wake rhythm, are fundamental factors for your beard. You've probably never thought about it but stress has a strong impact on your body. Cortisol (nicknamed "stress hormone") lowers the effectiveness of testosterone and thus slows down or prevents beard growth.


Are you getting enough protein? Is the micronutrient profile well balanced? There are many essential nutrients for the synthesis of the hair you have on your face. Forstimulate beard growthMake sure you are getting vitamins A, B, C and vitamin E. They must not be missing omega 3 fatty acids and proteins. These nutritional elements are essential for beard and hair growth even if… the growth rate of the beard continues autonomously and independently. This means you may have hair that grows very fast and a sparse, slow-growing beard…! the difference is the hair follicles on your face.

Exfoliating scrub

Try exfoliating your facial skin on a weekly basis. In this way you will help to free the hair follicles by eliminating dead cells. A light exfoliating scrub can be helpful in stimulating beard growth.

Face creams? Better not…

The use of cleansers and creams can be an obstacle to your hair follicles. Make sure you only use products that respect the physiological pH of your face. If you have well-hydrated skin… avoid using dubious creams! Prefer natural products and always try to read the label ... nobody likes to smear unknown ingredients on their faces! If you really don't want to do without face cream, be aware of what you use.

Avoid frequent cuts

Trimming your beard often isn't bad for your beard, however, your beard needs time to grow. The "critical period" is about 4 weeks. If you want to grow a beard, avoid cutting for at least 4 weeks. Only at the end of the fourth week will you be able to intervene to shape the beard you like best. You are right to ask yourself how to stimulate beard growth, but it is also true that everything has to take its time!

Itchy growing beard

If you experience itching or rash in the early stages of growth, you can relieve the itch with a dermatologically tested product. Some dermatologists recommend a hydrocortisone-based face cream, better if you consult your doctor.


Drink lots of water. Hydration is essential for healthy skin and to improve beard growth. Be careful, none of these remedies, taken individually, will make you grow a beard quickly ... overall, however, they can really make a difference!

Do you want to stimulate beard growth where it is missing?

In this case the situation becomes complicated. If the beard does not grow in some places it is because the hair bulbs are missing or because they are "saturated". A visit to the dermatologist is the smartest move! In addition, reading the article dedicated to beard alopecia may be useful.

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