How to grow ranunculus

How to grow ranunculus

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How to grow ranunculus in pots or in the garden. The meaning of the buttercup in the language of flowers. From the wild buttercup to the flowering season.

Thebuttercupit is a genus of herbaceous plant which includes about 400 - 600 species, all native to the cold temperature areas of the world. There is no shortage of species that best adapt to our climate so as to grow spontaneously in different local habitats.

Thewild buttercup, in this case the flower is simpler. Thewild buttercup, botanically known asranunculus acrisorranunculus bulbosusit is popular for the phytotherapeutic uses of its leaves. The leaves of thewild buttercupinclude propertiesrubefacenti, that is, they draw the blood in the most superficial layers of the skin.

On this page you will find all the useful information for the cultivation of buttercup.

Buttercup, the flower

THEbuttercup flowersthey bloom in late winter, are large and vaguely resemble the shape ofpinkespecially for the structure of the petals: the flowers of the ranunculus can be single, double or triple petal. The flowers can see more or less fleshy petals and of the most disparate colors. The buttercup is widely cultivated and appreciated precisely for its flower.

Although very beautiful, theranunculus flowerit does not have any fragrance. It blooms in late winter and blooms persist throughout the spring season. There is no shortage of varieties that produce flowers in spring or summer.

From the nursery it is possible to find different species and varieties ofbuttercups. The most common species are those that have a fleshy and brightly colored flower.

Buttercup, cultivation

Its cultivation is suitable for making:

  • borders
  • flower beds
  • ground cover
  • rock garden
  • natural lawns

Forcultivate the buttercupchoose a position in full sun, even if all the species on the market can tolerate areas in partial shade.

Thebuttercupprefers a rich and moist soil, if you have an artificial pond, you can cultivate it along the edges. On the contrary, some species need well-drained soil and do not adapt well to the climate of Southern Italy. When purchasing the seedlings to be planted, ask the nursery what species it is and what type of soil it prefers.

When to grow buttercups
The best time for planting falls in the autumn or spring season.

Plant depth
The bulb must be covered with about 5 cm of earth.

Distance between plants
The distance to be respected between the bulbs must be 7 - 10 cm.

Exposure and soil
It should be planted in full sun or partial shade. Typically with rich and slightly moist soil.

Water regularly, paying attention to the growing season. Be careful not to wet the leaves and water when the soil is dry.

For growing in bulbous planters, choose a soft soil rich in organic matter. In a pot or in a planter, thebuttercupit needs a rather drained soil composed of three parts of soil and one part of sand.

To manage the cultivation of buttercups in pots or in the garden, I recommend reading the guide dedicated toflower beds of bulbous plants.

On the market there are several varieties of 30 different species. To get an idea of ​​the type of flower, the prices of the bulbs to be planted, please visit the web page of a garden center or generic ecommerce such as Amazon.

A gorgeous fuchsia ranunculus flower

Meaning of Buttercup flowers

Before seeing the meaning of thebuttercupin the language of flowers, let's see what the term buttercup means: the name ranunculus asiaticus derives from the Latin and means small frog, probably the meaning of the name refers to the cool and humid environments in which it is common to see this flowering plant grow spontaneously.

In the language offlowers, thebuttercuphas a very specific meaning: his nickname isbotton d’oroand in the Christian tradition they are seen as precious flowers to be brought in homage to the Madonna during Holy Week.

In the language of flowers, thebuttercupit is a symbol of beauty and melancholy.

Buttercup seeds

THE ranunculus seeds can be ordered online on Amazon: in this page find a bag of 100 seeds for only 3.22 Euros.

Water buttercup

Thebuttercupit is also a perennial aquatic plant. In order to welcome thewater buttercup, the aquarium must have a temperature between 12-18 ° C, an average water hardness, a neutral pH and a silty sandy substrate. For all information on the cultivation ofaquatic buttercupwe invite you to read the page dedicated to "aquatic plants for aquarium“, In particular in the paragraph dedicated to aquatic plants that bloom.

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