Hundreds of birds died when testing a 5G antenna

Hundreds of birds died when testing a 5G antenna

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Days ago, 300 birds fell dead throughout The Hague and they assume that the cause was the commissioning of an antenna with 5G technology.

The facilities of the new 5G antenna are located in the vicinity of a park, the site where the largest number of dead birds were found. The test carried out was to check the range of said antenna.

'If all the birds suffered from heart failure while healthy, with no signs of viruses, no bacterial infection, no poison in their system, then the only reasonable explanation is that the new 5G microwave technology has a big problem. It affected the hearts of the birds! ”Said John Kuhles, director of

“Some people assume that low-frequency microwaves cannot harm because they“ don't cook you ”, it's something they repeat all the time. But I recommend that you Google for “Non-ionizing microwave biological effects”, you will be surprised… ».

The director of Stop5G estimates that the radio frequency (RF) emitted during the test would have reached about 7.40 GHz to cause the death of the birds that were in the vicinity - 1 GHz is equivalent to one billion energy oscillations per second.

Although evidence is still lacking, everything suggests that the antenna experiment is the cause of the mass death of so many birds.

There is a documented history of 5G antenna problems. In 2017 in a Dutch village, cattle panicked when this technology was tested nearby.

All these deaths and animal behaviors lead to the assumption that the effects of 5G technology could also seriously affect the health of humans.

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