Impacts on water of industrial tree plantations

Impacts on water of industrial tree plantations

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This report produced by the World Forest Movement. is a tool intended to support local communities that suffer the negative impacts of tree plantations on the local water resources on which they depend.

The important empirical evidence that communities present when denouncing the water scarcity they experience as a result of tree monocultures is often publicly discredited and ridiculed by plantation promoters, who argue that there is no scientific evidence to support their claims. .

With this new study we want to put at the service of local communities a tool that combines empirical evidence from communities with scientific evidence that reinforces what communities already know and have been saying about the large-scale impacts of monoculture tree plantations. on water resources.

To access the report (PDF) click on the link below and download the file:

Video: Innovative water techniques for Tree plantation (June 2022).


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