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We are builders of our own destiny

We are builders of our own destiny

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We are the conductors of our "train". On a daily basis, we drive through intersections, small or large. There are different paths and we can choose one of them. But not all of them take us to the station to which we must return on time. We have to avoid the longer roads because we already know that this is a waste.

The lever that determines the change of direction of our locomotive has only two positions - YES for life or NO. At the beginning of our journey, at the beginning of our spiritual development, the steering lever was in the position that it pointed towards life and our ability to feel this was clear. What position will the lever be in now? Are we able to distinguish, in each situation, which is the direction that it is indicating for life? Are we traveling in the right direction, or are we heading for disaster?

Subjectively, from different points of view, life seems to be complicated. After all, we live in a world of infinite possibilities. But life, in its deep essence, is absolutely simple. Similar to the material world which teaches us to distinguish between good and bad; the beautiful and the ugly; the solid and the fragile ... When facing life, we also notice only two possible options: we can direct our life towards consciousness and spiritual awakening - the main objective of our life -, or to numb our spirit.

Whether we are aware of this or not, we create our individual future through our own decisions which inevitably materialize. In the same way as the train, when each change of the lever, the line is changed and it is carried along the rails forcing it to continue to the next crossing where a new change could then be made.

We change the direction of our lives not only in relation to important things, but mainly by dozens of YES or NO that we choose in daily situations, turning the imaginary lever.

It is important for us to be constantly aware of the direction of our thoughts, words and actions, and we must not postpone our decisions to change the direction of our destiny, if we discover that we are not in the right direction. Because if we hurry by taking the wrong line - going in the opposite direction - our distance to the destination station will become even longer, so obviously we will have to travel more. Going in the wrong direction will leave us exhausted and we will risk losing the correct route or we will not be able to finish the trip on time. The time of life on the rails, through which we can reach our destiny, is not eternal.

In wanting to conduct our life properly, we have to consider what the spiritual impacts are in everything we do. Yes, our inner life is influenced by our diet; by our way of dressing, or by many other material habits, but only by these things we would never achieve true change. It is only with spiritual change that we manage to move towards the vertical line of existence and reach a higher horizontal level of life. Only in this way can we achieve a significant change also in earthly life, which is the reflection of our spiritual life.

There are different (horizontal) levels of life in this world. Daily we can meet happy and unhappy people; successful and unsuccessful; satisfied and unsatisfied ... regardless of being rich or poor. The person who suffers in the life that he himself built through his own choices is probably concerned with the material level of his life story, not worrying about the most important thing: whether his choice elevates or lowers him spiritually. She is like the machinist who is in the maze of lines and chooses his way between the one with the golden rails or the precious marble, but does not see the fact that neither of these will lead him to the final station.

How will our decisions be through which we change the lever of our life? Will we take care of others, or will we carelessly resolve our issues? Will we sit in front of the television for hours observing how other people “live” or will we ourselves live our lives, enriched with experiences? Will we buy violence-filled games for our children, or will we spend moments of happiness with them educating them to be good people? Will we prefer to walk in the field in the open air, or "relax" in a bar? Will we support what is true and protest against what is wrong or will we leave our lives in the hands of people who conduct it in the wrong way? Will we constantly think about past situations or dream about the future, letting the present slip through our fingers? Finally, will we perceive responsibility for our life by living it consciously? Yes or no?

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