Pink pepper, plant and info

Pink pepper, plant and info

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Pink pepper, plantand advice on cultivation. All information on thefalse pepper plant and its uses in herbal medicine.

Fake pepper and real pepper

Thepepperis produced fromPiper nigrum plant, of the Piperaceae family. The pepper plant, Piper nigrum it is cultivated for its fruits which are then dried to be used as spices.

The same fruit harvested from the plant of Piper nigrum, through different processing procedures, it is used to produce:

  • White pepper
  • black pepper
  • green pepper

Thepink pepperorRed pepperare derived fromfalse pepper plant, botanically known asSchinus molle.

The berries of the false pepper, when ripe they arered, for this the product is known asRed pepper. During drying, the color tends to fade so we speak ofpink pepper.

Pink pepper, false pepper plant

Thepink pepperit is produced starting from the plantSchinus molleof the Anacardiaceae family. Basically, thefalse pepper plantit is botanically closer to pistachio and mango plants, rather than that ofreal pepper. With the real pepper plant, the false pepper he doesn't even share the same family.

Thered berries of the false pepperthey ripen in August. Therefalse pepper plant for its leaves and colorful berries it is possiblecultivatealso for ornamental purposes.

L'false pepper tree, in fact, it is aevergreenwith a very pleasant appearance, originally from Latin America.

In nature it can easily exceed 8-10 meters in height and for its characteristics it is also appreciatedcultivation like bonsai.

It has imparipinnate leaves, up to 25 cm long. In its form abonsaithe leaves vary in size depending on the amount of defoliation carried out. The leaves are composed of small lanceolate leaflets carried on supple branches that tend to fall downwards.

Pink pepper, how to grow false pepper

The treatments described can also be applied tofalse pepper bonsai. The needs are similar, the false pepper bonsai, but it requires extra care.

The speciesSchinus molle(false pepper) can only be grown in the garden in central and southern Italy. The plant, being native to countries such as Brazil and Peru, suffers a lot from the cold and runs risks capable of prolonged frosts.

It should be kept in a position exposed to the sun and sheltered from the wind. In the garden, you have to plant thepink pepper plantin an area where it has a lot of space available: the crown grows in width and develops a lot. The root system also needs space because it develops both in width and in depth.

In the garden, it also adapts to poor soils as long as they are well drained. It needs frequent irrigation, especially in the first years after planting. Only a mature plant can withstand prolonged periods of drought. In optimal conditions, with the Mediterranean climate thefalse pepper plantit can reach a height of 5 - 7 meters.

Therecultivation of false pepperis implemented for the production of edible fruits (the berries known aspink pepper) but especially for ornamental purposes: leaves and flowers. The plant is summer flowering, the flowers are small and yellowish-white.

Pink pepper, properties

Thepink pepper berriesare rich in essential oils frompropertyantibacterial, antifungal, stimulant and digestive. For hisproperty, pink pepper is used a lot in herbal medicine where it finds various applications.

The bunches produced byfalse pepper plant the colored grains can be dried and used to flavor many recipes. The scent ofpink pepperit is similar to that of black pepper and in cooking it has similar uses.

Nothing is thrown away from the false pepper plant: wood is used for its aesthetic value, for its hardness or for the extraction of a resin to be used as mastic.

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