Wheat Muscle: Recipes and Sale

Wheat Muscle: Recipes and Sale

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Wheat Muscle, also called "vegetable meat", useful not only for those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet but also for those who need to prevent or fight ailments such as high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes. It is very similar to seitan but it differs from its well-known cousin for some characteristics which are significant. It is important to specify, before knowing them, that wheat muscle contains gluten, therefore not good for those suffering from celiac disease.

Wheat muscle: recipes

Rich in vegetable proteins but without cholesterol, the wheat muscle is the vegetable alternative to meat and is produced starting from a particular quality of wheat flour, the Cappelli, processed. By combining this flour with that of legumes or soy and then adding extra virgin olive oil, spices and salt you get a dough that has those protein sources, such as lentils and soy, which we do not find in seitan. This is why wheat muscle is more complete and does not necessarily have to be combined with other foods to better nourish us.

When cooking recipes with this ingredient you may think that the taste is similar to those of chicken or mushrooms, it can therefore be used in slices, as "meat", or as a salami, with its reddish color.

Wheat Muscle: Offerings

Although it has only recently been launched on the market, the Wheat muscle is often offered with offers, online or in stores. The first to develop it was in 1992 Enzo Marascio and today it is a brand in all respects but it can be found for sale, and on offer every now and then, in various formats and packages. On each we will find the label to verify that It has no cholesterol or saturated fat, is 100% vegetable and provides about 153 calories per 100 grams but 21.5 grams of protein.

Wheat muscle: preparation

The muscle of wheat it is a mix of wheat, soy or other legume flours, spices and extra virgin olive oil processed raw, different from seitan because the latter is prepared starting from whole wheat cooked in a kombu seaweed broth and then flavored with soy sauce. As it is prepared, the muscle is very rich in proteins and completely natural.

Wheat Muscle: Sale

In the most well-stocked supermarkets, in those with a rich person vegan department or in specialized stores we can easily find packs of wheat muscle but you can also buy it online. On Amazon with 5 euros you can buy itStew of Wheat Muscle, a pack of 200 grams, prepared with wheat proteins, legume flour, soy flour, water, sea salt.

Wheat Muscle: Roast

No wonder you find yourself eating a roast of this vegetable meat, but in addition to the roast, there are also steaks, fillets and Florentine steaks, or formats that come close to the idea of ​​cured meats. In this case you can choose between ham, sausage, bacon, bresaola and wurstel, all vegetables.

Wheat Muscle: Stew

If the roast is quite simple to prepare, it is wheat muscle stew it is a recipe that can be difficult, better to have some tips. Take a clove of garlic, a bay leaf, 200 g of carrots, 600 g of wheat muscle, two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and 300 g of tomato puree. You can then give it flavor with a little chilli, salt, celery and a teaspoon of brown sugar used to lower the final acidity of the dish caused by the tomato.

The vegetable stew is prepared by cutting the muscle into large cubes like a walnut and washing the vegetables, then making them into slices and pieces. After preparing the tomato sauce, as for any stew, you can add the cubes of vegetable meat, leave the mix to flavor for 10 minutes and then serve to everyone.

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