How to disinfect garden scissors

How to disinfect garden scissors

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How to disinfect garden scissors: instructions for the thorough cleaning and sterilization of the blades of pruning shears and work pliers.

Fordisinfect garden scissorsthe use of professional metal disinfectants is required. Before you seehow to disinfect pruning shearslet's see in detail what is meant bydisinfection.

Disinfection of garden shears and work tongs

Theredisinfectionis a security measure used to prevent the spread of infections. With the termdisinfectionwe mean that practice designed to kill or inactivate most of the pathogenic organisms, namely:

  • bacteria
  • virus
  • mushrooms
  • protozoa
  • spores ...

What are the differences betweensterilization or disinfection?
The concept ofdisinfectionis different from that ofsterilization. Don't worry, it's not necessarysterilize the pruning shears, just disinfect them! Yes, because sterilization eliminates or inactivates any living form, including harmless nematodes or spores. On the contrary, with thedisinfectionthe process focuses only on bacteria, viruses, spores and other pathogenic microorganisms.

Can the scissors be sterilized with the lighter?

Is the flame of a lighter enough to sterilize or disinfect a pair of garden scissors? In reality, this practice is not very reliable as you have no control whatsoever. It is true, high temperatures can reduce the microbial load, however thermophilic pathogens could resist the heat transmitted by the flame to the blade. Generally, with temperatures above 45 ° C germs are killed but as regards bacteria and other microorganisms it would be more appropriate to act with controlled temperatures. The flame and, more precisely, the incandescence, can be good means of disinfection, as well as boiling.

A great tool fordisinfect pruning shearsinvolves the use of disinfectants. Therechemical disinfectionwithdisinfectant agentsis the most effective method.

Hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the scissors

The scissors used for cutting nails as well as garden scissors could bedisinfectedwithHydrogen peroxide. Pure hydrogen peroxide is an excellent disinfectant when used in high concentrations. The only drawback is that the hydrogen peroxide commonly found in pharmacies is created to come into contact with damaged skin and mucous membranes, which is why it is mild and very diluted.

Commonly used hydrogen peroxide is not enough to disinfect pruning shears or other work tools. In the event of fire blight (or other plant bacteria), sharka (or other plant virosis) or fungal diseases, hydrogen peroxide is not enough to ensure safe use (without risk of contagion) of the scissors from pruning.

How to disinfect garden scissors

How to disinfect pruning shears?
Choose an alcohol-based surgical disinfectant benzalkonium chloride. Disinfectants of this type can be found in pharmacies or on Amazon. On Amazon, a one-liter bottle is offered at a price of 16.45 euros with shipping costs included in the price.

How to use it? It depends on the product, the one reported in this article should be used without dilutions. How to disinfect scissors? Dip the blades of the scissors into the disinfectant liquid and leave them on for 2 minutes. In this way, any residual bacterial exudate and infectious substances will be eliminated.

For all information on the product mentioned, please refer to the Amazon page: alcoholic disinfectant for irons. You will notice that it is a disinfectant for medical use but the active ingredient is thebenzalkonium chloride, perfect for annihilating any bacterial load, even the one that causes thefire shot of plants.

Benzalkonium chloride has power:

  • bactericidal
  • sporicidal
  • fungicide
  • virucidal

It is very aggressive and should not be used on mucous membranes or skin, this disinfectant is formulated for surfaces and work tools. It is perfect for pruning shears as, in case of bacteriosis or viral diseases, it prevents contagion from one plant to another.

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