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Trifoliate Orange,tips for free growing or howhedge. Information on the fruit and care to be devoted to the plant.

Trifoliate orange or Citrus trifoliata

L'trifoliate orange, botanically known asCitrus trifoliata or Poncirus trifoliata, is the only citrus fruit with deciduous leaves (it means that it loses its leaves in late autumn) and can withstand very cold temperatures.

It is native to northern China and Korea, in our country it represents the only citrus fruit to be cultivated with a light heart even in the mountains or in the north of Italy: if well kept it resists the harsh cold, down to -20 ° C.

As the name suggestsCitrus trifoliata, the leaves are composed of a larger central leaf, usually 5 - 6 cm, and two lateral leaves generally smaller.

Large thorns may develop in the axilla of the branches, sometimes even more than 5 cm long. THEflowers of the trifoliata Poncirusare those shown in the photo above: white, similar to those of other citrus fruits but slightly larger.

Is the fruit of the trifoliate orange edible?

The peel of these oranges is slightly hairy. Unlike the classic oranges, the fruit of citrus trifoliatait has a bitter taste and, when fully ripe, they are not orange but the skin is basically yellow.

L'Is trifoliate orange edible? Yup, even if the taste is bitter and sour. Due to its characteristics, trifoliate orange is not used as a fruit to be consumed fresh. It is used to prepare juices, jams or liqueurs. Dried and powdered, the fruits oftrifoliate orange they are used as a condiment.

Trifoliate orange as a hedge

Atrifoliate orange hedgeit can be very useful for those who want to create shade in spring and summer and have the sun in winter (remember that trifoliate orange is not an evergreen, so in winter it loses all its leaves).

In areas with a mild climate (in Southern Italy), planting can take place in autumn or early spring. In the north of Italy it is recommended to continue towards March. Even if the plant is resistant to cold, it is still vulnerable when planted.

How to make a trifoliate orange hedge?

Work the soil with a deep dig (at least 30 - 40 cm) and add mature manure, manure or other organic fertilizer.

Proceed with the planting of young plants to be spaced 50 - 70 cm from each other.

The plant is resistant to cold and winds, but during the first year it is more vulnerable, so if you have toplant the hedgein a very windy area, it would be advisable to accompany each individual plant with a stake that you can remove later in time (even after the first year, when the root system has been consolidated).

It is a good onehedge plant: it bears even very drastic annual pruning and forms excellent shading and windproof barriers.

Do you need an evergreen hedge that can protect you from the wind? Also consider the pyracanthus and holly for hedges.

Where to grow trifoliate orange?

It is true that this plant resists low temperatures well but requires a very bright environment. It can tolerate even direct sun.

It is necessary to ensure theCitrus trifoliataa fresh, loose, well-drained soil with a slightly acidic pH reaction. These are the conditions for having healthy and strong plants, however it also adapts to humid and compact soils but hates calcareous soils so also be careful with irrigation. If you give calcareous water the leaves could turn yellow and fall prematurely.

Fertilization should occur twice a year, in spring and autumn, perhaps with mature manure or a slow-release granular fertilizer. You can add ground lupine in the first layers of soil to ensure the plant has the right amount of nitrogen.

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