Dogwood, properties and natural remedies

Dogwood, properties and natural remedies

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Dogwood, propertyand remedies to make the most of the plant. From liqueur to decoctions, information on wood, flower and fruit.

Carnelians, fruits of the Cornus mas species, are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. The Cornus mas species, commonly known as dogwood, is much underestimated today but our ancestors appreciated it a lot and used its fruits to prepare liqueurs, jams, grappa and natural remedies.

Dogwood, flower and fruit

Let's start with flowering.
Thedogwoodit blooms, in our country, from March to April, the yellow flowers open like an umbrella and lead to the formation of beautiful fruits that resemble small oblong cherries. THEdogwoodthey can be coral red or, more rarely, yellow.

The small fruits of thedogwoodthey are used for the preparation of fruit juices, for jams and for extracts to be used to flavor some types of alcohol such as, for example, grappa flavored with dogwood or dogwood liqueur. Usually, products based ondogwood, and the fruit itself, have relatively high costs.

THEdogwoodthey can also be eaten raw but rather than collecting them, you have to wait for them to fall from the stem following a light touch or blow away by the wind.

The fruit of thedogwoodit is a drupe (fleshy fruit) with the shape of a small elongated egg. The taste is acidic and that is why the dogwood jams they are used to accompany boiled meat. In the center of the fruit there is a bone seed.

Dogwood wood

The writerJ.K. Rowling, famous for being the author of the saga ofHarry Potter, indicated the dogwood on the Pottermore site; this quote is dictated by the detailspropertyof the dogwood wood which, according to the author of Harry Potter, could be used to make oneMagic wand. The author associates the wood ofdogwoodto cheerful and joking people.

Thedogwood woodit is brown - light in the internal parts while the court is reddish. Many experts describe it as theharder and more compact woodof Europe. The expert craftsmen of thewoodappreciate thedogwoodnot only for its hardness, but also for its shine that manages to restore naturally bright, smooth and almost silky finished products!

Properties of dogwood

Thetherapeutic properties of dogwoodthey are not to be associated with the fruit alone. Of this plant it is possible to exploit the virtues of different parts. Just think that the Serbian-Orthodox community considers thedogwooda sacred plant: the popular Serbian saying "Zdrav kao dren"Literally means"As healthy as dogwood“.

It's not hard to believe since theproperties of dogwoodthey have been known since ancient times, and the plant has Asian origins.

In the bark there are tannin substances, mucilages, sugars and malic acid. Fruits are also rich inbeneficial properties, of the plant are the components with a higher percentage of mucilage.

In particular, thedogwoodis popular for hispropertyantidiarrheal, astringent and febrifugal.

The property of the cortex of the dogwood

Extracts of dogwood bark are used to naturally treat feverish states. A decoction useful as an intestinal astringent and as a febrifuge based on dogwood it is prepared by putting 2 grams of dried and chopped bark in a cup of water.

The decoction is prepared by boiling the water for 10 minutes and letting the bark rest until it cools. Filter the decoction well. Experts recommend drinking three cups a day.

The property of the fruits of dogwood

The fruits, as well as the courts, have astringent properties and can be eaten fresh or in jam. Those who prefer to exploit the properties of dogwoodthrough infusions and decoctions, also in this case, it is possible to prepare a decoction to drink during the day.

The decoction is prepared by infusing 5 grams of berries for each cup of boiling water. Boil for a few minutes and sip lightly throughout the day, a few sips at a time.

Don't underestimate the power of natural remedies. Plants are rich in active ingredients, before preparing any do-it-yourself remedy, consult your doctor.

Dogwood, beneficial properties for external use

A decoction prepared with fruits, leaves and barks can be used for skin care. We have already mentioned the astringent properties of this plant and, in addition, it would seem useful to eliminate skin impurities, reduce the effect of dry skin and reduce wrinkles, especially when used for the preparation of compresses, muds and masks based on clay.

Dogwood liqueur

Perfect to serve at the end of a meal: it helps digestion and has a bold flavor,sweet and bitter just like its fruit.

The recipe is simple. To prepare the dogwood liqueur or "carnelian liqueur" (referring to the fruits), you need:

  • 1 kg of cornelian
  • 500 g of sugar
  • 1 liter of quality food alcohol

Collect the fruits when ripe but when they are still compact, wash them well and let them dry. Transfer them to a glass container covered with alcohol. Add the sugar and keep this container in a dark place for about 40 days. After waiting, filter carefully, let it stabilize for a few weeks and then you can finally enjoy it.

Carnelian grappa

Thecarnelianthey can be used to flavor grappa. Making carnelian grappa is easy. Collect the fruit when ripe but still compact. Leave them to infuse in a solution given by grappa and sugar, let it rest for 3 weeks, filter and serve. To make this grappa less alcoholic, you can add water.

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