Pancreatitis: symptoms and causes

Pancreatitis: symptoms and causes

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Pancreatitis, a very painful disease that can be chronic or acute. We humans are not the only ones to suffer from it, it can strikeeven dogs and some other animals, with the same intensity. Let's see how to avoid running into this problem or how to cure it.

Pancreatitis: symptoms

When we suffer from pancreatitis we try a sudden and violent pain in the abdomen, especially in the upper part, with a possible expansion in the back. The most dangerous time of the day, when with the greatest chance these pains occur, is what follows the meals, moments when it really can seem like that we miss the breath from the pain which drops only if you bend down a little, but certainly without disappearing until the attack ends.

It causes pain and causes pancreatitis in itself, it can then too feel nausea, even vomiting, even bilious. When we are in an acute moment of the pathology, we can also areal fever and show signs of severe agitation and shock but only if you are really on the edge. Fortunately, these latter symptoms are not as frequent.

Acute pancreatitis

By pancreatitis we mean a general inflammation of the pancreas which is a gland that performs a very important function in the maintenance of the digestive and glycemic balance of the entire body. There acute form it is where the pain and other symptoms occur suddenly and, immediately, violently, very different is the chronic form which instead appears with less violence, more gradually, but lasts for a long time and always worsening from day to day.

Chronic pancreatitis

As mentioned, in the chronic form excruciating pain is not immediately felt, all typical symptoms they are initially nuanced and growing. It may happen that you do not immediately understand that it is pancreatitis but only feel pain in the upper part of the abdomen.

Over time, hunger falls, you lose weight and have digestive difficultiesFurthermore, the stools can become greasier and greasy over time. As the chronic form persists, the pancreas works less and less and it is also possible to get, neglecting the problem, to problems related to diabetes.

Pancreatitis: dog

The dog can also suffer from this inflammation and warn a swelling of the pancreas. This is a rather serious problem, it often arises from the habit of consuming particularly fatty foods that are poorly digested and cause a buildup of lipids. Other common causes of pancreatitis in dogs are obesity, hypercalcemia, the administration of certain medicines or blunt trauma to the abdomen.

Pancreatitis: causes

They are not exactly the same as those of the dog, the causes of pancreatitis that affects us. There is, for example, gallstones or malfunction or inflammation of the sphincter of Oddi or some obstructive processes too favored by hyperparathyroidism and hypercalcemia.

On a more clinical level, pancreatitis is related to pancreatic digestive enzymes which are synthesized so that they can protect the cells that produce them from their damaging action. Carried by the pancreatic juice, these enzymes in an inactive form arrive in the duodenum where they are activated by helping in the digestion process. The pain we feel is explained by the fact that these enzymes can activate prematurely inflaming the gland that produces them.

Pancreatitis: nutrition

Eat right, without going overboard with foods rich in fat, sure is a great way to prevent this really annoying inflammation. A healthy lifestyle is always recommended, in this case it is particularly alcohol abuse is not recommended which, combined with other bad eating habits and smoking, can really doom a person to pancreatitis. Even the hyperlipidic and hyperproteic diets are to be avoided.

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