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Alma, property

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Almapropertyand all information on its extracts. From oil to supplements. Info on the plant and its cultivation.

Here's what the property of amla and how cultivate gooseberries Indiana.

Alma, fruit and plant

Its scientific name is Phyllanthus Emblica L. but it is commonly known asAlmaorIndian gooseberry.

The plantPhyllanthus Emblicait is widely used in traditional Indian medicine (Ayurveda). Not only in the medical field, the plant also has a religious significance.

In Theravada Buddhism it is stated that thePhyllanthus Emblicabe used as a tree to achieve enlightenment (Bodhi). It is no coincidence that this treeis considered sacred by the Hindus. The tree is celebrated with the Amalaka Ekadashi, a Hindu holy day. It is important to specify thatthe cult of treesit is an integral part of Hinduism. Hinduism is a religion that has its roots on a basic principle: the universal spirit (what we call "Almighty God") resides in everything.

Thepropertyofalmathey are many. In vitro researches have shown that this fruit possesses property antiviral and antimicrobial not to mention the beneficial effects due to the nutrients it contains.

Dell 'Alma, Indian tradition has it that nothing is thrown away, in Indian medicine there are many parts used for the preparation of infusions, lotions, concentrates, herbal teas and other natural remedies. Dell 'Indian gooseberryleaves, roots, fruit, seeds, barks and flowers are used.

The plant is also cultivated in Brazil and Latin America, where its extracts are used as a garnish for hair care.

How to cultivate the alma

Who intends cultivate the soulin Italy it will face a rather arduous undertaking: this plant is not native to our land and thrives well in dry deciduous forests, with warmer climates.

It has great needs for space: in its natural habitat it can grow up to 12 meters. In any case, whoever wants it anywaycultivate the soulhe can choose varieties that see the appearance of more pungent and bitter fruits (tikta) or sweet (madhura, katu, anurasas).

L'almaproduces fruit from October to February. Therecultivation of the almait can be started from the seed, from sprouts or from layering, it is advisable to start with a layering already started as the maturation times require 6-8 years. The needs, in terms of soil, see a well-drained clayey soil rich in organic matter.

Alma, property

With the name ofAmalakiL'alma,it is mentioned in the archaic Sanskrit writings asRgveda, Skanda, Purana, Ramayana, Garuda Purana, Prabhu Samhita;it is clear that it is a fruit known since ancient times for itsproperty.In the past thealmadeserved the title ofRasayana, or "rejuvenating”And has always been synonymous with good health, longevity, good memory, strength, and they have also been attributed to itpropertyaphrodisiacs.

In traditional Indian medicine,gooseberry (bark, leaves, seeds, flowers and fruit) is used for itsproperty:

  • Refreshing
  • Diuretic
  • Stomachic
  • Antibacterial
  • Antiviral
  • Rejuvenating
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Natural remedy to treat gastric ulcers
  • In the past it was a natural remedy to relieve hepatitis symptoms
  • It was a natural remedy for bronchitis.

Natural remediesaside, the alma has important nutrients.

It is a rich source ofC vitamin isbioflavonoids, substances that nature combines with vitamin C to increase the antioxidant action.

Among hisactive principleswe remember thesaponins:experiments conducted at the Niwa Japanese Institute of Immunological Studies have shown that theamlacontains high levels of superoxide dismutase (SOD), it is a powerful antioxidant capable of neutralizing the harmful action of free radicals.

Given the high level of vitamin C, thealmait is indicated as an adjunct to treat flu and colds, it is also useful for regulating pressure and giving new vigor to the cells.

Alma, benefits for hair

In Italy, amla is widespread in the form of powder or oil, used for treatments aimed at strengthening and polish your hair in a natural way.

These natural based products alma, applied to the skin of the scalp, would be able to stimulate the hair growth and inhibit the premature appearance of white hair, it is also useful as a natural anti-dandruff.

Who wants to buy theamlato use to make hair more shiny and soft can choose one natural alma powder.

There alma powder not easy to find, it is used to make dandruff hair packs and to improve scalp health. Mainly it was created to protect the hair and counteract the onset of split ends, stimulate growth and prevent the appearance of white hair by improving the natural pigmentation of the hair.

To have brighter hair there are alsonatural hennaenriched with alma extracts. For the purchase of alma-based products, you can contact a herbalist's shop or take advantage of online sales.

On Amazon, a bottle ofnatural alma powderis offered at a price of 11.30 euros with free shipping costs. For all the info, please refer to the Amazon pageOrganic Power Khadi Natural.We recommend the purchase ofalma powderonly if you havedandruff problems. The alma powder softens the hair, certainly nourishes the scalp but to stimulate its growth we recommend choosing natural supplements or following a specific diet. The alma powder really improves the brightness of the hair, counteracts dandruff but does not do wonders in growth :)

If, on the other hand, your purpose is to give morebody, intensity and brightnessto the brown hair color, the advice is to choose a natural henna (without ammonia), perhaps enriched with extracts ofPhyllanthus Emblica.Also in this case we recommend a product on Amazon: Natural Henna with Phyllanthus Embalica.

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