How to make a DIY birdhouse

How to make a DIY birdhouse

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How to make a DIY birdhouse: instructions for making a birdhouse, to be fixed in the garden or to hang on the wall.

Have you ever thought of build a birdhouse? We do! This is a really nice idea, which those who love birds can put to good use with a few simple tricks, creating real small shelters that can also act as an educational tool for the little ones.

How to make a birdhouse

The birdhouse is a rather small and contained structure, and can therefore be installed in any apartment: a balcony, a veranda or a garden could become ideal places to store this beautiful solution to be able to give a healthy refreshment to bird friends.

Of course, some of you could easily observe how these houses can be purchased at any pet store, or home improvement store. However, our advice is to "get your hands dirty" a little, and discover the pleasure of being able to create this "apartment" for birds on your own ... perhaps by following these easy instructions!

Only for the lazy, to "this Amazon page”You can find pre-built birdhouses or ready to assemble components. The house in the photo above, for example, can be bought for 12.99 euros with free shipping costs.

How to make a DIY birdhouse

As for what you need, everything you will need to be able to build a birdhouse they are wooden boards, nails, a hammer, a saw, sticks, glue and wood hinges.

You can find all the necessary material in any shop of DIY. Size and thickness will depend a lot on the result you want to achieve: however, keep in mind that birdhouses are very small, even if the spaciousness should be weighted on the basis of the birds you are going to host.

If you don't know where to start, take as a reference a length of max 20-30 cm per side: it will be more than enough to allow the birds to be comfortable, but without having an excessive space that may not be suitable for looking for the right one. warmth. As for the thickness, take care not to exceed to avoid weighing down the structure: 2 cm of thickness is sufficient.

In addition to the above, you could choose to find customization and decoration elements to your taste: caps, twigs, acorns and other natural objects could allow you to make your creation unique!

DIY birdhouse

Once you have recovered everything you need, proceed with the operational phase. Take what the facade should be, and practice a hole above the central part: it will be the entrance of your birds. Take care not to make it too big, as this will also favor the entry of any predators. It is therefore better to weigh the diameter of the house on the real dimensions of the occupants!

With hammer and nails, join the various sections of the house, not in a hurry to arrive at the finished result. The important is ensure the correct solidity of the entire structure, and a minimum of aesthetic taste which, intuitively, will have to satisfy above all your pleasure (the birds will be almost indifferent to all this).

As for the roof, we suggest you secure it with a special hinge. This will make it easier to clean the structure, and you can replace any elements if they are damaged. If your intention is also to provide food, there will be nothing better to be able to introduce it in a comfortable way.

At this point, there will be nothing left to do but to fix it to the wall with the use of nails. Before doing so, however, you may want to try to decorate your birdhouse with any materials in line with your creative choices. In this sense, we really like to recreate the effect of fake tiles: it will be enough to take sticks to fix on the roof with vinyl glue, or colored tiles.

Having clarified the above, do not be discouraged if the first creation is not exactly the one of your dreams. If you don't have a lot of DIY experience, it is possible that your first productions are not quite… perfect.

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