How to grow monk's beards

How to grow monk's beards

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How to grow monk's beardso agretti: all instructions on thecultivation. Tips for a bountiful harvest.

Friar or agretti beards, plant

This plant is known by multiple names:friar beards, friar beards, priest beards, agretti, sauce,lisks, roscano or beard lettuce (even if it's not a lettuce!). Its botanical name isSalsola sodaand it is a halophyte plant, that is, it grows well on soils rich in salt. It is no coincidence, in fact, to find it in the coastal areas.

Let's talk about oneplantannual that can be found on supermarket counters in the spring-summer period.

Friar's beard, how to recognize it

Thereplantit has a bushy growth and can reach 70 cm in height. It has red-colored leaves and stem and produces small flowers that sprout directly from the stem at the base of the leaves.

Friar beards, where to find them

As stated, it is a halophyte plant, therefore it spontaneously thrives in the coastal areas of the Mediterranean basin. On the market, from well-stocked agricultural consortia, it is also possible to find seeds as I will explain later.

How to grow monk's beards

Theagrettithey are easy tocultivate. You can do onesowingbroadcaster after digging the soil deeply for about 30 cm of depth.

If the soil is particularly poor, at the time of digging, bury fully mature manure in doses of about 1.5 - 2.5 kg per square meter depending on the structure and fertility of the soil.

Aftersowing, irrigate the surface of the garden but do not repeat any irrigation except in the event of long periods of drought.

When to sow the friar's beards

The sowing period of the agretti goes from spring to late summer. Seed germination takes about 15-20 days.

For sowing, choose a location well exposed to the sun.

When to harvest agretti

Theagrettithey are harvested shortly after germination. In fact, the young shoots that have just reached 15 cm in height are consumed. They cut themselves a few centimeters from the ground.

Do not uproot the friar's beards from the ground because, in favorable climatic conditions, new vegetation can develop from the same tufts.

Friars beards seeds

As anticipated, iseeds they can be found at the most well-stocked agricultural consortia or by taking advantage of online sales. On the web there is no shortage of nurseries that offer seeds of friars beards in the classic thermostatic sachets. On Amazon, for example, sachets of agretti seeds can be purchased with a few euros. For all information on agretti seeds for sale, please refer to "this Amazon page".

Friar beards, recipes in the kitchen

The beards of the friars can be used in a large number ofrecipes. From first courses to appetizers. An excellent recipe uses theagrettito season the pasta. How to do? Just heat some oil and sauté the agretti in a pan.

Aside, toast the almonds and pine nuts.

Boil the water, cook the pasta, pull it al dente and finish cooking with the friars' beards and, still in the pot, add plenty of grated aged cheese such as Parmesan or Parmesan. Not bad also the combination with seasoned salted ricotta (hard ricotta).

Othersrecipesthey see it used in omelettes or savory pies. They go perfectly with anchovies and black olives.

Those who want to dare, can try to blend the friar's beards and use the sauce to flavor white meats or pasta dishes.

Friar beards, property

They are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and phosphorus. They provide high concentrations of calcium and like any vegetable they improve the health of the intestine.

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