How to inflate the wheels of the car

How to inflate the wheels of the car

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How to inflate car wheels: instructions forinflate the car tireswith the compressor or simply fromgas station. The right pressure of the tiresand useful tips.

To preserve the safety and stability of the vehicle, it will be necessary to periodically check thetire pressureisinflate the wheels of the carso as to bring them tovalueideal.

Tire pressure: what are the ideal values?

Thecar wheels, to ensure optimal braking times and good fuel consumption, they must beinflatedto the right pressure. One ofunit of measureto indicate the values ​​ofpressureis the bar. Each car manufacturer prescribes optimal pressure values ​​for its tires. In principle, the right pressure of thecar tiresit ranges from 2 to 2.4 bar, but for some vehicles it goes up to 3 bar.

There may also be a slight difference between the pressure of the front and rear wheels.

To know theideal pressure levelprescribed by the car manufacturer for that particular vehicle, you can consult the vehicle booklet.

To make sure ofinflate the wheels of the carat the right pressure it will be necessary to have a pressure gauge. Who wantsinflate the car tires from the gas stationwill see the pressure gauge hooked directly to theguncompressor.

How to measure tire pressure

Formeasure the pressure of the car wheelsall you have to do is connect the detector (pressure gauge) to the wheel. Therepressure measurementof thecar tiresit should be done with a cold vehicle. For this reason, the car should be left with the engine off for a few hours before taking the tire pressure measurement.

If you wantinflate the wheels of the machine with the compressor, perhaps in the garage at your home, you will have to buy apressure gauge.

The cost of a pressure gauge varies a lot, "on this Amazon page" you can take a look at the various offers and models.

In some cases, the gauge is anchored directly to the compressor gun (these models are more expensive), a gun with digital pressure gauge with excellent value for money and above all with excellent user reviews, can be bought on Amazon at a price of 32.96 euros and free shipping. For all the info on the mentioned product you can visit “this Amazon page“.

How often should the car wheels be inflated?

When to check or inflate car tires? With use, the car tire pressure tends to go down, we recommend check the pressure is inflate the wheels every two or three months.

How to inflate car wheels

Check the firstcar wheel pressure, based on the level detected, add the appropriate amount of air.

How to inflate the car wheels?

  • Remove the tire valve caps and set them aside.
  • Take thecompressor pump(also that of the gas station attendant), this must be compatible with theSchrader valve.
  • Inflate each wheel by connecting thepumpto the valve. Start the compressor or the gas station dispenser.
  • Extend the pump up to the valve and, keeping the tube in position, wait for the air flow to fill the rubber.
  • When the compressor is running, you will notice a loud noise.

During dispensing, keep thepumpfixing it in the valve tube. Beginners may have problems directing the air flow, if you feel that the air flow is spraying outside the valve, stop and better attach the pump.

To bring the tire under pressure, it may take just 10 - 15 seconds. Remember that even a few cents of atmosphere can make a difference. Know that sector studies have shown that for every 0.21 bar below the suggested limit, the vehicle consumes 1% more fuel while the wear of thetiresincreases up to 10%.

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