Electric foot warmers: the best

Electric foot warmers: the best

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The electric foot warmer it is the most desirable thing on winter evenings and if today, wrapped in a temperate spring or autumn, it seems a useless luxury, you will change your mind in the middle of winter and let yourself be tempted by this beautiful invention. I did it and I don't regret it, having feet warm life changes. You can enjoy reading a book or a good movie on TV better, not to mention that those who are cold or in a state of weakness, with an electric foot warmer can get back into shape quickly.

Foot warmer what is it for

The foot warmer, as the name suggests, is used to keep your feet warm. They are one of the extremities of our body but woe to neglect them. In fact, it often happens that you get sick because you are very covered but maybe you forget your feet and remain barefoot. Our frozen extremities can make us sick despite the sweaters we are wearing, one on top of the other, carefully. Let us not delude ourselves that they are enough if we do not have one with us foot warmer.

Electric foot warmer

The electric foot warmer it is a kind of pair of boots, sometimes joined as if it were a snowboard, sometimes divided. It must necessarily be large to accommodate the feet, it is usually soft and made of materials that are pleasant, soft and enveloping.

Being electric it is basic connected to the mains. A bit like an electric kettle, but in this case it is not the water that boils for one good you but our feet. As soon as it is connected to the mains, this device heats up almost immediately and transmits a nice warmth to the feet. It holds the desired temperature for several hours and this is really what makes the electric foot warmer compared to the same non-electric contraption.

In terms of hygiene, they usually can replace and wash the soft parts, separated from the electrical part therefore also suitable for a spin in the washing machine. In terms of consumption, it does not exceed on average 40/50 Watts. We can say we consider this object as an electric heating pad made so that the feet are welcomed in an ergonomic way. We could also rest our ends on one electric heater but of course it would be more inconvenient and perhaps less effective, if not more expensive and less green.

Everyone can choose the model they prefer, based on the cost but also according to shape and comfort, to the type of fabric and size. There are also those for those with a 46 foot but better check before buying one, small numbers have no problems whatsoever.

Electric foot warmer: characteristics

Let's see better what are the characteristics to keep in mind when choosing one foot warmer to use it daily, therefore essential that it is comfortable, washable and with good resistance.

If we use it all winter, it's better to choose a model with multiple temperature levels so that you can decide every time how cold we are and that you can also use it in more than one person, each with the intensity it deems necessary for your feet. Useful it has the interior is removable and washable so that it doesn't get dirty after a while and you have to keep it that way all season. You can take it on vacation and wash it on your return without worries or hassles, you can also lend it and then wash it.

Among the requirements that a good Electric foot warmer must have here are the main ones. It must be simple to use, comfortable to wear and the temperature adjustment must be a trivial operation, even clumsy-proof. It is convenient that there are at least two or three temperature levels between here to choose, better if there are even more, it is our freedom to choose at what temperature we want our feet.

A real foot warmer must be comfortable and practical, soft to the touch and machine washable once the multiple pieces have been "broken down". Better then if the outside is also treated so as not to attract dust.
Let's also take a look at the consumption that we certainly want to reduce to a minimum. They are generally not very high but also for a theme of avoid wasting energy, better make a careful check. To get a basic idea and a point of reference, keep in mind that they rarely reach a power of 100 Watts and some do not even exceed 50.

An interesting function is that of automatic safety lock. It is more than just automatic shutdown. This auto lock feature comes into play when there may be overheating or any other glitch.

Bed foot warmer

Among the non-electric foot warmers, my advice is to try this one modern boule. It is made from flax grains and is an evolution of the traditional hot water bottle, a grandmother's remedy whose effectiveness we know. This innovative boule it is simple to use and does not involve any risk, it can be left to handle even by children, 90 seconds at 800 watts in the microwave are enough and then you can use it not only when it's cold but also when it is necessary treat swelling, sprains and bruises of course not by heating it but by cooling it. The pillowcase you see is machine washable and has dimensions 24 x 7.7 x 1.7 cm.

Electric foot warmers: the best

Let's see the best ones in brief Electric foot warmers today on sale. Edisana offers us a device in extra-soft breathable material that heats up quickly to 100 watts. There are three temperature settings and a great security system, it costs only 34 euros and is a great companion for the cold season, the pillowcase is removable and can be safely washed.

Alternatively you can think of this foot warmer electric with latest generation thermostat that has a heating base and softly wraps our feet with a perfect material to keep warm and to be removed and washed in a practical way. Moreover, it has dimensions that make it perfect for all shoe sizes. On Amazon you can find it for sale at 30 euros with a 2-year warranty.

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